Sunday, July 04, 2004

Howe Family

submitted by Dwight Howe, Grandson of Oliver Howe

Name and birth date
Oratio (father) Howe Vermont * 2-13-1800
Polly (mother) Varga Pennsylvania 10-27-1806
*was told by my father Copenhagen Denmark was Oratio Howe’s birthplace, came to America as a stowaway when he was real young maybe 12 yrs old..

seven children of Oratio and Polly
Hiram F. Howe Pennsylvania 6-8-1831
Edward P. Howe Pennsylvania 7-30-1833
George W. Howe Pennsylvania 10-15-1835
Uriah Howe Pennsylvania 7-8-18836
Hannah Howe Pennsylvania 6-20-1841
Charles Howe Pennsylvania 10-1-1843
Francis Howe Pennsylvania 10-30-1845

George W. Howe Pennsylvania 10-15-1835
Lucille LeClair Nebraska 5-18-1845
twelve children of George and Lucille

Elizabeth Frazier Nebraska 11-9-1866
Alice Frazier Nebraska 3-26-1868
Hannah H. Frazier Nebraska 3-22-1869
Edward Howe Nebraska 1-27-1872
Alice Howe Nebraska 1-26-1874
Arnold Howe Nebraska 10-23-1875
Ida May Howe Nebraska 12-15-1877
Benjamin Howe Nebraska 4-21-1879
Oliver Howe Nebraska 7-19-1881
George W. Howe, Jr. Nebraska 4-16-1883
John Joseph Howe Nebraska 11-1-1885
Rebecca Ducker Nebraska 4-8-1887

MaryAnn Papin Frazier---Albert Frazier’s first wife 4-16-1864

Mary Ann was the daughter of Lucille LeClair Pappan whose mother was Ponca Indian Shots through the Breast, whose mother was White Woman, who was a captive as a young girl who ran away to back to the Ponca’s. At the time she was wearing a beautiful buckskin thus being named white woman. She returned back to the tribe at the same time as her father a chief was dying. The Poncas looked at that as being significant, I was told she was to become a Warrior Woman and held a leadership position among the Ponca.

Note: George Washington Howe born in 1835 in Vermont or Penn.. The 1880 Dakota Census (age 45) notes the Howes living at Running Water, Dakota Territory, that George was 43 and his occupation was farmer, and that he was born in Pennsylvania. George operated a trading post at Running Water on what is now the South Dakota side of the Missouri River. Later the Howes moved to the Nebraska side where George helped found the town of Niobrara. George was a young man who came to Nebr. Territory in 1852 on a surveying crew, married & lived among and fought along side of the Ponca, given an Indian name of Thum Bay Ska, Scar Hand. I was told he brought the first repeating rifles to the Ponca chiefs after killing two Sioux.

eight children of Oliver and Mattie Howe
Amelia Howe
Wiley John Howe
Male baby died at birth
Earl Sanford Howe
Blanche Marie Howe
Oliver Howe Jr.
Eugene Howe

Note: My Grandfather was Oliver Howe he died before I was born. He was a enrolled Northern Ponca from Niobrara Nebraska who later moved down to Oklahoma. I was told by my father Eugene Howe that he served in WW I and married my Grandmother Mattie Headman Howe. He courted her in the Ponca traditional way with gifts and a chaperone, he gave Matties father a horse and buggy as well. Since Headman was a Clan Chief, he gavehis daughter away in marriage with all the ceremonial rites and they were married for life. Oliver made his living as a farmer was known as an early riser who loved to hunt and fish and had a pleasant nature, he liked to tease and joke. Every year he would plant a huge garden and made and sold homebrew as well.