Sunday, July 04, 2004

Headman Family

Eugene Howe, youngest son of Mattie Headman Howe, daughter of HeadMan, a heriditary Chief of the Poncas, son of We'ga sapi. His father was Tai ke waho. Mattie was one of five children of Headman, he had a son Kenneth, four daughters Lula, Mattie, Agnes & Nellie. Although Mattie was a daughter of a chief she was very conservative in her social standing, even thou she had certain rights within the tribe. She did not take an active part in the tribal social dances and was considered shy. When her son Earl Howe came home from the navy after WWII, the tribe honored him at a pow-wow, her younger sister danced by his side for her. She was very quite yet was the leader of the family for many years, holding a monthly gathering at her house for all her relatives. She married Oliver Howe a Northen Ponca observing the Ponca traditions of courting and gifting the brides parents. When they were married it was for life, even after his death for over twenty years, she never remarried. She gave birth to seven children, two died as infants while raising four boys and one girl in a small two room house on the Ponca Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. She helped raise several of her grandchildren as well, Dwight being the last one, in fact she was his legal guardian. Mattie Headman Howe died in 1968.