Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seasons of Change 2010

Betty Strong Encounter Center
Sioux City Iowa Oct 17, 2010

Pierre Merrick and I were asked to share our thoughts and concerns about the Native American Indian and our Tribal history.  We produced a power point with Omaha tribal leaders starting in the 1800's with Chiefs then individuals.  Two crew members with the Lewis & Clark expedition, the first Indian woman to become a physician, the first Indian lawyer to argue a case before the Supreme Court, nurses and others of notable accomplishments, all Omaha Indians  We sang a few tribal songs and talked about Indian people today discussing racism and prejudice that both races have towards each other. It seemed to go well and we had quite a few questions in the end.  Like; How important is ancestry to your people? How do you react to people that are openly prejudice?  What is most important to native people today? We answered the best we could and they seemed satisfied.  The doors are slowly opening for Omaha speakers here in Siouxland.  Both Pierre and I look forward to doing even more.