Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living In Two Worlds

Sioux City, Iowa,  Feb 21st. 2010
This was my first public speaking event in the Siouxland area since I came through with the Lewis & Clark Corps II, Tent of Many Voices some years ago and I really had fun with it.  Marcia Poole the Director of the Betty Strong Encounter Center really impressed me with her dedication to the mission statement of the facility.  We need more people like her and I'm sure there are in this city, I look forward to finding them.  This town and others like it, that are close to Indian reservations all have their own problems with pre-conceived ideas and old prejudices about their Indian neighbors and the Indians carry theirs as well.  The fact that this town won nationwide exposure in the Truman era, over not letting a veteran who was killed in action in Korea be buried in their cemetery because he was Native American doesn't help. Things can change and need to at times, but it is a slow wheel that turns, patience and perseverance are key.