Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Dwight Howe, Cultural Presenter

Dwight is of Omaha & Ponca Indian ancestry. His Ponca grandmother who raised him helped instill a real sense of who he was and pride in being a Native American. He attended Chilocco Indian School in Oklahoma and Haskell Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas. At the age of seventeen Dwight volunteered and served seven years active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He was Honorably Discharged in 1984 at the rank of Sergeant.

Living in Southern California for many years, Dwight worked with Southern California Indian Center's, Inc. in their Public Relations Department as an Outreach Specialist. Engaged in public speaking, large scale event coordinating and conducting cultural presentations at college & universities in So. California and for many state & civic organizations. Dwight worked with the Orange County Unified School District, giving classes in Cultural Awareness to 5th and 6th graders. He also reviewed the written teachers guide that was developed in conjunction with the programs pilot year, which taught over 2,500 students. While in California he was the founder and co-chairman of the 501c3 non-profit called the United Urban Indian Food Program, which was a food bank for urban Indians living in the greater Los Angeles area.

Dwight coordinated the giving of food baskets to over 100 Indian Elders 65 and older, from four tribes in North Central Oklahoma, website,  gives the details. He has also received training on archival research with the Smithsonian Institute American Indian Museum Studies Program and the National Museum of the American Indian and has served as a NAGPRA consultant. Dwight completed a three year project serving as Native American Cultural Advisor for Marland's Grand Home in Ponca City; working on their Native American Collection of over1,200 artifacts that represented over 40 different tribes.Dwight has served as a cultural advisor for two State Parks in Iowa & in Nebr.. Dwight was actively involved with the Nat’l Park Service, Lewis & Clark Corps II Discovery project as a cultural presenter in their Tent of Many Voices;

Dwight Howe currently lives in the quite village of Rosalie, Nebraska on the Omaha Indian reservation. He is working for St Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago, Nebraska as their Cultural Mentor, teaching the Omaha language/culture to grades K through 8th.

Current projects include;

Coaching theWalthill Boxing Club Boxing Gym was closed in 2013 because building was sold.  Current plans for 2017, is to build and create a Boys & Girls Club in Walthill, Ne.

Elected Board Member for DHEGIHA LANGUAGE PRESERVATION SOCIETY, a 501(c)3 that promotes the preservation of native languages and culture of the Dhegiha speaking tribes.  In the 1400's there were five tribes that lived together speaking the ancient language of Dhegiha, those tribes were The Osage, Omaha, Quapaw, Kaw and Ponca.

Selected Board Member, Omaha Tribal Senior Citizens, 501c3 Non-Profit Organization located on the Omaha Indian reservation. Last year in 2014 we gave away 25 large grocery baskets during the Thanksgiving Christmas holidays to Winnebago and Omaha elders 65 and older. Each basket had a turkey and a spiral ham it went over very well, the year before we gave away 12 baskets.  Next year we are shooting for 30 baskets.

Facilitating cultural awareness/sensitivity training at Boys & Girls Town of Omaha. We finished working on a sweatlodge on campus for the Indian students at Boys Town.

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