Friday, February 24, 2012

Boxing on the Omaha Rez - Walthill Boxing Club

Big Crazy Society of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, Walthill Boxing Club.
Boxing Club was opened in September 2011 elders came to support our efforts

We started planning in 2010 with the Big Crazy Society of the Omaha Tribe being the sponsor.  One of the members donated their building for our project.  We wanted to build a program that would help young people find a better way in life.  We then partnered with the St Augustine Indian Mission and our endeavor took off like a rocket.  A church from Omaha Nebraska, St Roberts made a huge donation to our efforts which kicked everything into high gear.

Click link below to see video of the boxing program:

We started out with a bang, at least 25 kids showed up, but as time wore on and a few got hit in the nose and they quit, some found the training and discipline not to their liking.  Some did not want to give up alcohol or weed and/or were getting into trouble and were asked to leave.  We now have six fighters that come pretty steady and are serious about training.  We get a walk in from time to time as we are always open for anyone if they want to try to compete and follow the rules.
We train hard but we have time for prayer and reflection everyday, we want them to be winners in life not just in the ring.  This picture below says it all, we want them to have God in their lives everyday.

We are trying our best to offer them a way out and a way up in life. They are good kids that just need a break and some words of encouragement. We require them to sign a letter of agreement to stay in school, stay out of trouble and not to use alcohol/drugs, be willing to pray. We pay for their sanctioning fees, club fees, all training equipment, any travel and meals when on the road, all they have to do is show up and try their best to follow the rules.We want them to be winners in life not just in the ring.

Walthill Boxing Club sanctioned by U.S.Amateur Boxing Association and Nebraska Boxing Commission.